Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day!

Leah seems to have been playing April Fool's Day jokes on me all day.

Below you will find a picture of her in a self-induced Triaminic stupor.  Yes, that's right.  Lucy came downstairs this morning while I was doing laundry and told me that Leah had gotten into the medicine.  I hurry upstairs to find nearly half the bottle of grape-flavored Nighttime Cold & Cough Triaminic GONE!

I called poison control.  He did the math for her age and weight and said she should be fine.  If she started with tremors and hallucinations, I needed to RUSH her to the ER.  Great!

Well, thankfully nothing like that happened.  She climbed up in the rocking chair and watched tv for a bit.

Oh, but she wasn't done.

A few hours later, I came up the stairs and smelled something burning.  Leah had put a small piece of bread in the toaster and it was about a split second from bursting into flames.  Disaster averted!  Thank goodness!

A little later, Robbie came and told me that Leah had made a mess in the bathroom.  I rolled my eyes.  She was into there soaking wet with hand soap ALL OVER the dang bathroom.  Water and soap.  And she was still in quite a daze from the overdose earlier in the day.  You'll see that in the picture below.
Finally, Joey came to me and said, Leah was playing the brown sugar and the white sugar.  GEESH!!!  Actually, she had gotten into the cinnamon and sugar shaker and it was everywhere.  This was evidently BEFORE the soap/water incident which is why she was covered in soap/water because she was washing all of the cinnamon and sugar off.

I can't wait for this child to go to sleep tonight.  She has worn me out!  

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Maria Hart said...

Makes you wonder about why people ever get sucked into drugs, doesn't it? You handled Leah very well. That must have been a scary, then exhausting day. And, yes... we will move down to Provo... though John has a great job her in IF, so the logistics of it all could get pretty interesting!