Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Night

Our family night last night was so fun.  Over dinner we found out that Jessie had a midterm test in religion this week.   She said the test covered everything from the Old Testament through Paul.  I was asking her some questions and was convinced that she needed some extra practice.  I pulled some Bible trivia questions off the internet and we had a boys vs. girls competition.  In the end, the girls one by one point.  That's a good thing.

I thought I'd post some of the more creative answers of the night.

Whose birthday is at Christmas time?
Robbie's answer:  "Who is Jesus?" (We're not on Jeopardy)

What holiday remembers Jesus' crucifixion?
Jessie's answer:  "Black Friday"   Hmmmm.....?

Name three of the plagues God sent to the Egyptian people to convince the Pharoah to let the Hebrew slaves go.

Jessie's answer: "Black Plague"
Sam's answer: "Fiery Darts"
Jen's answer: "Meteors"

What means of execution did the Romans use to kill Jesus?
Robbie's answer:  "Crown of Shame"

Notice that all of the answers came from the father and the three oldest children.  Needless to say, we laughed an awful lot.  It was some good family time that now has some funny memories attached.  Perfect!

I love my family!

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