Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Year

Well, it's December 31st. Another year has come and gone. I've been blogging for two years now. Kinda weird to think that.

I don't think I have anything profound to say today.

My thoughts today are the fact that I love to learn. I'm so grateful for a husband that allows me to learn and develop new skills and talents.

I will have a baby this year. That's pretty profound. Four more months to go. It's been a long hard road with this little thing. I'm hoping that my mood and my attitude about the baby and life in general is lifted. Now that I can feel this little thing moving, it's become more of a person to me. Someone that I'm looking forward to getting to know.

My head spins a little to realize all the different stages my children are in. Jen: 16, Junior, in 18 months will be graduating, needs to start studying for and taking the SATs...lots of other stuff going on with that.

Jessie: 15, Freshman, she's in a pretty good place right now. I'm thankful.

Robbie: 10, will be 11 in two months. Moving on to 11 year old scouts, in one year receives the Priesthood and heads into Young Men. That one is kinda starting to freak me out.

Lucy: 9, she's actually doing very well. She has a little victim thing going on at times, but most of the time is extremely self-reliant and works diligently at developing her homemaking skills, (currently crocheting and sewing).

Joey: 7, he worries me a bit. We just think so differently. He's a ball of energy and all about FUN!!! Me, I work inside boundaries very well, probably to my detriment. Teaching him to read is harder than teaching all of them to go to the potty. He's a good boy though. He knows what he wants to do, just has trouble imposing limits on himself. We'll figure it out.

Leah: 4, in some ways she my "mini-me". I don't think I'm as smart as she is but we have similar temperaments and ways. I'm so glad she's a member of our family. She keeps the sweetness of a little child in our home. I'm very grateful for her perspective.

New One: in utero, not sure exactly if we're having a girl or boy. They say it's a girl but I'm not completely convinced. I go for another ultrasound in a few weeks, we'll know for sure then. This new one will come into a great family. His/Her brothers and sisters will be so fabulous. This will be the first time that most of the kids are really aware of what's going on. They've seen my struggles and learned compassion. They've seen my faith tried, and hopefully learned to stay tight with the Lord. This new one will continue to bring sweetness and purity to our home. I'm looking forward to smooching and loving on it.

Sam: 43, business owner. He's a good man. He's going through some growing pains right now. We're trying to as a married couple to change some of our habits that haven't been as positive as others. We'll get there. Nothing bad, just change. It's good. I'm grateful for him.

Me: 41, pregnant homeschooling mom. I thought before I got pregnant that I was "finding" my likes and hobbies again. I guess I did. I just feel like I have to put them on hold again. I'm much more aware of finding laughter and traveling and having fun. I'm grateful for Joey reminding me that fun is important. I'm glad the new year is starting. Even though is just a flip of the calendar page, it mentally creates hope for us all.

Happy New Year!!!

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