Friday, November 7, 2008

What did Leah get?

We were in co-op today and I was in the 3 year old class with Leah.  A couple of the others moms and I were talking and one asked if Leah was my baby.  I said, "yes", and that she just had a birthday.

Leah was in the midst of coloring the "baby Jesus" manger purple and pink.

They asked her what she got for her birthday.  Without missing a beat she looked up and said, "a puppy."

WHAT!!!  My eyes bugged right out of my head.  What is wrong with my daughter?

She got a PURPLE and PINK bike!!!  HELLO!!!  Anyone in there?  We can't even have animals because Sam is so daggum allergic to them.

It was funny though.

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deeanna said...

that is SO freakin' hilarious! i'm still laughing!