Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nothing Much to Say

I haven't written since my birthday. Geesh, that's been two weeks ago. Nothing much has happened really. I did go to Charlotte, NC for a(n) Heritage Makers meeting.

I'm a consultant for Heritage Makers, you can check out my website at . This is really cool. You can sign up for a free account as well. Maria--you'll totally love this.

You can take your digital photos and scrapbook them into hardcover library bound (stitched) books. They really are nice. If I can figure out how to put my kids' book in my blog, I'll link it out. I think that upgrade comes out on May 12th.

Tha whole mission of the company is to create and publish stories that will last forever. When I go to my parents' house this summer, I plan on collecting as many photos of my deceased brother as I can. I'm going to write "his" book so that my children will know who their uncle is. I'm looking forward to it, eventhough I know my eyes will tear and I'll get choked up because I miss him. He's been gone for 18 years now, but it's still feels so raw at times.

Because I was serving a mission at the time of his death, I didn't come home. I didn't get to see him and close it all out. I think I have struggled because of that lack of closure, expecially the first couple of years right after he died. I believe writing his story will help me put it where it belongs. I often feel his spirit close by. Even now, my eyes water because I miss him.

So, that's just part of what this business is about. You can design and publish your own greeting cards, calendars and posters along with the books.

The other cool thing about this business is that Sam has a 10 station computer (mac) training center. I'll be using that to hold digi-scrapping nights/classes. I had the Young Women over last night for them to create Mother's Day cards. Everyone had a really good time. It does get quite addictive. We're going to call that aspect Digi-Scrap n Scan. I'm working on a website for that. Though the learning curve is quite steep on the website design software....for me, that is.

Ok, time for bed. Tomorrow the kids have their Jr. Master Gardening class. It's been a good opportunity for them to do something in a classroom setting and they're meeting other children their ages.

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Maria Hart said...

Heritage Makers looks like a pretty cool company. I wish they showed a few more page samples on their website. They assume you will just jump in seeing the book cover. I like to thoroughly research a product before committing to purchase. I love hte idea of kids being able to publish their own books. My girls write stories all the time, we staple them like little pamphlets. But they still hold a place on our bookshelf with all of the rest of the books. They even get pulled out and read periodically! I love Sam's training center. John is looking at doing something similar here in IF, more a creative training center - arts stuff! Angie wrote to Lucy last week, we will get it in the mail today!