Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Fourth!

I think that yesterday's 4th of July was the best I've ever spent.  The day started and ended with rain.  But, it was still wonderful.

We went to the Pitman Parade and sat with so many of our friends.  I haven't been to a parade in a while.  I enjoyed the tacky floats, the gospel "music", the beauty queens,

 the old cars and 
 myriad of fire trucks, but what I love most about parades are the bands.  I love the way the brass playing patriotic songs electrifies my soul and spirit. 
I  love the cadence of the drums. Reminds me of my days in the high school marching band.  I love how the sounds make my body want to rejoice and march and sway.  It always brings a smile to my face.  

I also very much enjoyed standing in respect for the flags as men and women having served in our armed forces or are currently serving in our police and fire rescue presented it.
My sense of patriotism was warmed as EVERYONE on the parade route stood in respect of the service and flag as it passed.  These are great lessons and opportunities for my children.

We went home for a spell to cool down a bit and then went over to Diane Paul's home for a cookout with her family.  We were welcomed with open arms and enjoyed each others' company and fabulous food.

From Diane's we headed straight to Philadelphia to attend a Phillies' game.  Before we got to the stadium, we witnessed an accident.  Luckily, no one was injured.  We pulled over to the side of the road to call 911.  The victim of the accident was a lady from Mexico who spoke little English.  She was so upset.  I am so grateful for the experience to hold this woman in my arms as she sobbed with stress and anguish.  She needed someone to help her and let her cry.  Her name is Maria.  I am thankful that my children were able to see me serve someone and care for a stranger in need.  This is not to boast.  This is because I want my children to be tender to those in distress.  I couldn't do much for Maria--I tried to speak a couple of things to her in Spanish--but all I could remember at the moment was tortilla, taco, something Dora the Explorer says in cartoon language that you can't understand anyway....oh, and Finnish did flood back into my brain at lightening speed.  Back to Maria---I couldn't do much for her, but I could hold her and cry with her.  It's been almost two years since I was in that awful accident in PA with all of my kids.  Those memories returned and I felt her sadness and worry.

On to the game.  It was really fun.  Sam and I decided that a Phillies baseball game is the place to be on Independence Day.  They did all sorts of tributes to the armed forces and recognized our country's founding fathers.  Sam said that all that was missing for him were some jets to fly over.  Yeh, that would've been pretty great too.

We were just into the first inning when the rain started to fall.  As the queen of preparedness, I fell short.  I have a bunch of ponchos at home.  We had to wait for the sold out ponchos to be restocked.  That's ok.  

We went back and snuggled down in our wet stadium chairs and watched the rest of the game.  The rain let up for a few innings but the last three or so, it rained constantly.  Leah fell asleep on Sam.  She was so tired.  Joey was exhausted but instead of sleep, he started acting crazy.  I thought is was hilarious.  I got some pretty good video him.  

We were there for the best play of the game.  The score was tied 2-2.  Bottom of the ninth, 2 outs and one man (Pedro Feliz) on 2nd.  Shane Victorino is up to bat.  I'm not sure how many strikes/balls.  But he ripped one down the first base line for a base hit and Feliz came into score which won the game.  You would've thought those boys had just won the World Series.  It was very cute.  Great moment.

That's it for the day.  It was a good one though.  I'm thankful that our Independence Day is celebrated with so much festivity and fun.  In Finland, their Indecpendence Day is about as fun as a funeral.  In fact, I've been to more exciting funerals than the parade in Finland.  I'll have to find and scan my pictures from the parade in Finland.  

That sure was a happy note to end on.  Ok, one more.  There were a couple of Mets' fans in the stands with us.  Near the end of the game, with rain teeming down, some Mets' fan screams in a perfect NY accents "HIT THA FREEKIN' BAWL!!!"  I'm just glad he said "freekin'".

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Diane said...

I like your pictures and your entry. It was a nice day and I'm very glad you came and shared part of it with us!